Asking Questions

Traveling forces me to ask a lot of questions. A lot of times I feel dumb. Occasionally I get weird looks because I’m not speaking their language. Often people can’t help or shake their head and walk away. It doesn’t always feel good.

But it’s the best way I know to get somewhere when I can’t read the signposts myself.

Every so often, I ask the right person. They are friendly, smile, speak my language and know much more than I do about getting where I want to go.

Sometimes it turns out I’m on the right track after all. Other times I would have missed the bus. And once in a while I find out I’m going in the wrong direction altogether. The information is almost always helpful.

I tend to forget all the times I asked the wrong person.


*Photo taken in an alley of the riverside town of Sezentendre, Hungary.

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Hello. I’m Alasdair.

Hello. I’m Alasdair.

I believe that being aware of who I am and mindful of who I am becoming is the best investment I can make in my life —and that when we focus our efforts within, the rewards naturally flow outward to those we love and through the communities we belong to.