What It’s Costing Me To Travel: June ’16 (Hungary, Slovakia and Poland)

I’m keeping a monthly record of exactly what it costs me to travel. It’s an extension of my personal monthly money management process.

Slovak Paradise, Slovakia.
Slovak Paradise National Park, Slovakia.

My hope is to remove the “it’s too expensive” excuse for somebody which would make me do my happy dance (you do want to see my happy dance don’t you?).

You can see my audits from previous months below:

April ’16 Travel Audit: Scotland

May ’16 Travel Audit: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland

I’m also keeping a record of the gear I’m carrying with me and update it regularly:

What I Packed to Travel the World

And without further ado…

Spišské Podhradie, Slovakia. Spiš Castle in the background.
Spišské Podhradie, Slovakia. Spiš Castle in the background.

Daily average by country:

$38.6/day $42.62/day $37.79/day
Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary.
Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary.

Expenses by country and category (check the foot notes for more in depth details):

TOTAL HUNGARY (14 nights)1 SLOVAKIA (12 nights)2 POLAND (5 nights)3
Lodging 4 $489.89 $185.00 $240.02 $64.87
Groceries $255.01 $154.86 $58.32 $41.83
Dining out $227.68 $73.94 $129.99 5 $23.75
Transportation 6 $89.32 $52.26 $17.62 $19.44
Other 7 $61.71 $35.30 $26.41 $0.00
Gear 8 $117.18 $39.06 $39.06 $39.06
TOTAL $1,335.20 9 $540.42 $511.42 $188.95

June '16 Travel Audit

Zbojnícka Chata in the mountains of the High Tatras, Slovakia.
Zbojnícka Chata in High Tatra mountains, Slovakia.
The town square of Eger, Hungary from the the ramparts of Eger Castle.
The town square of Eger, Hungary. Taken from the the ramparts of Eger Castle.
Parliament building at night in Bupapest, Hungary.
Budapest, Hungary.
Slovakian Paradise National Park, Slovakia.
Slovakian Paradise National Park, Slovakia.
Spiš Castle, Slovakia.
Spiš Castle, Slovakia.
Crossing a mountain pass in the High Tatras, Slovakia.
Forcing a smile while descending a mountain pass in the High Tatras, Slovakia. I did not feel like smiling.
Forcing a smile. This particular descent was terrifying.
High Tatras, Slovakia.

Looking back over a mountain pass on the Slovakian side of the High Tatras on the way to Poland.
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  1. Budapest & Eger
  2. Kosice, Spišské Bystré, Tatranská Lomnica, High Tatras
  3. Zakopane
  4. I stayed in private rooms thru Airbnb my entire time in Hungary and a week in Slovakia I spent in mountain huts which also are more expensive than your typical Slovakian accommodations.
  5. Could not be avoided while in the mountain huts in the High Tatras, Slovakia
  6. I got around a lot this month by walking
  7. Includes touristy things like seeing castles (2), vegging in Turkish thermal spas, and going to the Opera for the first time ever
  8. Maps, water canteen, replacement watch, replacement socks (1) and briefs (1), sleeping bag and sleeping mat. $94.41 Unaccounted for [note] Split evenly between the 3 countries…should have been prorated but I’m over it.
  9. Stays in private rooms via Airbnb (Hungary lodging) and a week long solo trek through the High Tatras (Slovakia lodging and dining out, and almost all the gear) made the month more expensive than it otherwise would have been

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