TRAVEL LOG: 5/15/16 – Misecky Horni, Czech Republic

I’m going to try keeping a journal similar to how David Miller does in his book AWOL on the Appalachian Trail. This may be a good way to capture some of the odd and interesting things that happen, share photos that wouldn’t surface otherwise and give additional snapshots into my experience traveling for those who are interested. 

NOTE: Unlike other posts, these updates will be lightly edited, if at all. I’ll include the date written which may be different than the date I’m able to post. Also after this first notification I won’t send email notifications when a new journal update is published (because that could be frequent and may get annoying). So instead I’ve created a link in the top left menu called “Travel Log” where you can click to check for new journal updates. When there are photos for a post you will be able to click on the arrows on the left and right to view the entire gallery.

5/15/16 6:59 PM – Misecky Horni, Czech Republic

I am in Misecky Horni, which is basically a small cluster of cabins at the base of a ski resort in the North East of the Czech Republic. The Krkonose mountain range separates Czech Republic from Poland and boasts the Czech’s highest peak at about 1600m. Tomorrow I will hike over the top of that mountain range to Szklarska Poreba, a town on the Polish side. It’s roughly 16 km and an elevation gain of 600m and before a 1000m descent. I’m hoping to get an early start as a storm is forecasted in the afternoon. I expect the hike to take about 5 hours so I hope to be there before the weather kicks in.

I have been watching it snow from outside the cabin for most of the day. I took a couple lazy walks into the woods over the course of the day and watched the snowflakes silently float through the trees towards the forest floor. I passed the time for a little while by trying to spot far off snow flakes and track them down with my tongue. During my evening walk I scared away a lone deer.

I am kicking myself for not deciding to stay another day here as the forecast is better on Tuesday and there is plenty of food in the cabin to make it another day. It’s also a rare night that I’ve had a place to myself since I left England almost a month ago. I already have a reservation in Szklarska Poreba booked and no internet or means for pushing it back a day so staying isn’t an option. I stayed with Jana, her grandson and and his great grandmother (on the dad’s side) here at the cabin the last two nights. The cabin was Jana’s grandfather’s before being seized by the Soviet Union in the name of communism. Her father was able to reclaim it since. Jana has lived in Prague 40 years, and witnessed firsthand saw the collapse of communism under the Soviet Union. In ’87, just after I was born and with the newfound freedom to travel, her family had visited mine in California. 28 years later the newborn she had seen on her travels has come to stay with her in Prague for a week.

Jakub, her grandson, turns 4 next month and his great grandmother was probably in her 80s. Both spoke about as much English as I spoke Czech…which is none. However we enjoyed each other’s company and they have left today back to Prague. They were my ride up from Prague which is 150 km away so my only option now is to walk to Poland.

After they left I washed a load of clothes in the sink and hung them up to dry over the fire place. I do “laundry” whenever the chance presents itself. It’s nice to have clean clothes. I have about 60 korunas left which is enough for coffee tomorrow before I make the border crossing.

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